For Home Decor brands and retailers

DigitalBridge is a magical room visualisation tool that allows your customers to see what your home-decoration products look like in their room.

Our intelligent computer vision technology analyses the customer’s room and generates a true 3D space to work from. Customers can put paint, wallpaper and artwork on their walls; carpet, wood and laminate on their floors and even see beautiful high-resolution furniture in their room. In addition they can SmartErase their existing furniture or wall coverings, ready to virtually redecorate.


Home Decoration never had an Undo button - until now

DigitalBridge allows customers to see what their room will look like after buying your products, whether that’s furnishings, art pieces, wallpaper, paint or flooring. The process is simple, automatic and takes less than thirty seconds: your customers takes a photo of the chosen room which is then processed by our advanced computer vision platform. Using our simple mobile web-page, your customer then easily drags and drops your products until he is happy with his “new” room.

Designed to engage, inspire and convert

Across desktop, tablet and mobile, whether in-browser or native app, we enable customers to browse your catalogue and place your products in real 3D, into their own room environment. This unique e-commerce experience inspires and engages your customers, increases conversions and encourages social sharing.

Simple setup, easy integration

We’ve developed a fully featured API which allows easy integration with your existing content management system, without any unnecessary additional resources or investment. Enhance your customers’ experience by adding the DigitalBridge platform to your existing website or as a white-labelled, stand-alone mobile application.

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