Unbundling Interior Design

Located in Manchester Science Park, DigitalBridge is a computer vision and machine learning company passionate about innovative, useful and intuitive software tools that meet a specific market need. After experiencing the imagination gap ourselves when trying to decorate a room, we knew we couldn’t be the only ones putting off purchasing decisions for new home decor.

Having developed powerful computer vision and machine-learning techniques in-house, we created a platform to understand the content and 3D geometry of indoor scenes. It allows users to seamlessly visualise new decorations and furniture in their own homes. The development of this platform has seen the team overcome difficult technical obstacles of variations in photo quality, viewpoints and lighting positions, resulting in a speedy and intuitive application. The result is an exciting, memorable and shareable way for customers to engage with a catalogue. With the minimum of start up time, it sits within your existing website or as a mobile application.

Our business model is to license our product to major retailers and brands who can integrate DigitalBridge with their online and mobile channels, representing a large revenue opportunity for both sides. A recent YouGov poll showed that 38% of participants would be more likely to buy home decorations and furnishings in store after using the app, with 21% moving straight to an online conversion.

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Awards and Accolades

Start up of the year 2015

Retail Week Startup of the Year 2015

DigitalBridge was recently selected by Europe’s top retail executives as Startup of the Year in a Live Vote.